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The secret roster of maxolino

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The secret roster of maxolino Empty The secret roster of maxolino

Post  Matt Skiba GM on Tue Oct 21, 2008 2:23 pm

Fortunatly we weren't in it, but here is how they faired, if you are interested.

T.M.G vs xX The Insane Styles Network Xx
Sanson vs Booker T Winner: Sanson
Lonce vs The Granite Gladiator Winner: The Granite Gladiator
Helios vs Jiguwar Winner: Jiguwar

xX The Insane Styles Network Xx 2 out of 3

Canadian Stinger Wrestling vs WBW Euroliga
Baby Eater vs TheBIGDreminem Winner: Draw
Lukas Stanczak vs Beefcake Jack Winner: Lukas Stanczak
Catastrophic vs Brupper Rik Winner: Brupper Rik

One each

UNIVERSAL WRESTLING ALLIANCE vs EUW:Extreme Underground Wrestling
Horadus vs El Grezzo Winner: El Grezzo
Funky Homosapien vs Pedro Sanchez Winner: Funky Homosapien
Bonerhead vs Ren Rensia Nakora Winner: Bonerhead

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