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Post  mad man mowgle on Sun Nov 02, 2008 9:12 pm

This setcion is just to help you improving you wrestler BUT this is just advice so you don't have to do what i say but it could help.

Always improve the stats of your wrestler type i.e. strength wrestler should have strength at least 10 levels higher then the other stats, Balanced should have all stats the same level.
But you could have your stats at different levels. i.e.
Strength type
strength= level 10
speed= level 5
resistance= level 8
technical= level 8
This shows your wrestler is strong, but with good defence and tech, poor speed but that is made up with everything else.
some stats that could work well together, strength and resistance, speed and technical, speed and resistance, strength and tecnical, tecnical and resistance

Always improve the yellow i.e. Versatility for balanced and then the rest of them sould be around the the same level, im not sure about other wrestling types.

What to spend your money on, i say entrances, why? 1: you get more stars at the end of each match, 2: you get double the amount of stars in fed matchs, 3: more exp, 4:you will help the fed get more fans and votes, which will make the gm like you and give you a better contract.
Don't spend it on move upgrades they can upgrade themselfs or just go to train moves go to all then leave and check you messages and you will see that some of your moves will have improved by themselfs, best to do this once a week, but you can buy new moves if you want.
Don't buy special abilities, as they only have a small chance of activating so if you buy one it could activat once every 4 matchs or every match *i don't have any, i think they are a wast of time*.

What to spend your exp on, i say learn advance technique, they improve your wrestler and unlike special abilities advance techs are perminent improvements, the best is inner rage as you get more adrenaline which will give you more chance of getting a finisher.

best matchs are not challangers, or special type of match the reason being is i have been told that all challanger get you bugger all cash maybe 5 -50 cash so you should really fight in Invitational, you get loads more cash *i get about 500 - 1500 cash*
mad man mowgle
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