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23rd of november 2008

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23rd of november 2008 Empty 23rd of november 2008

Post  Matt Skiba GM on Sun Nov 23, 2008 7:35 pm

$-Kiba-$ VS CM Extreme
GUnitMan VS Moses
Vengance of God VS The Land Defenders
Wheel again
CM-Unit VS $-Moses-$
Music for Tonight
The Norweigan Viking VS Manson
That was
Fallenangel 3 stages of hell part one
Easy right?
Fallenangel 3 stages of hell part two
Final stage
Fallenangel 3 stages of hell part three

THE SHOW IS A HIGH QUALITY ONE Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

yay! i did it right this time,
now let me expalin why the same people are in it more then once...
basically... everyone has had their full promised matches apart from the land defenders vengance of god norwegian viking and manson, and the coffin, so they are all in matches...
i signed 5 new people, and with only one show left of the season i got as many of them in as i can, a few of them are still at match under, but there is nothing i can do about that, (that is what i get for signing this late lol)
please leave comments
Matt Skiba GM
Matt Skiba GM

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23rd of november 2008 Empty Re: 23rd of november 2008

Post  mad man mowgle on Mon Nov 24, 2008 2:46 am

mad man mowgle
mad man mowgle

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