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Finisher Guide

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Finisher Guide Empty Finisher Guide

Post  British Bullet on Tue Jan 06, 2009 12:48 am

The first thing to understand in building a solid set of finishing moves is what each move is good for.

Direct Damage moves are obviously good for injuring your opponent. However, they are also good to make your opponent bleed. Why make them bleed? Blood loss wears your opponent down faster. The more they bleed, the quicker they wear.

Submission moves can end a match early. If you have a very low submission bonus though, this move may not be right for you. The Submission Finisher is pretty self explanatory.

Pin Finishers are sometimes not recommended for speed wrestlers, even though that is one of their specialties, because speed wrestlers already have a larger than normal number of speed moves available to them. This doesn't mean a good pinning move is not wise for a speed wrestler. You just may not want to have one because you have plenty of pins already.

The second thing to creating a strong set of finishing moves is to determine which finishing moves are best for your wrestler type.

For a technique wrestler, at least one strong Submission Finisher is a must. You have the high technique bonuses, use them. For the other finishers in your set it is pretty much a matter of preference. If you want something other than all submissions, you should also have at least one Direct Damage Finisher. When you pick this, be sure to upgrade the bleed bonus as your move level increases.

Speed wrestlers can easily turn the tide of their match. One minute you are ahead, and the next, they have pulled of a miraculous comeback, turned the tables, and pinned you. You were yellow, they were red. The initiative bonus is the factor there. For speed wrestlers, having a good Direct Damage Finisher is wise. Start off with around 30-40 damage, and a 5-10% bleed bonus to give you the edge you need to pin your opponent. When making a pin move for your speed wrestler, a good idea, you should try and keep the damage consistent. Do not make the damage caused 1-50. Go for something more reliable, like 20-30, or 25-25 even. Consistency is key here. Also, Be sure to have a pin bonus. Yes, pin bonuses are expensive, but that is what makes this move so powerful, the fact that it is hard to oppose the pin. Take the hit on adrenaline and go for a pin bonus around 15-20.

The recommendation for resistance wrestlers is to have a high adrenaline cost finisher. The reasoning is simple, resistance wrestlers have high health and high stamina so they can go the distance. A resistance wrestler should go for a Direct Damage or Pinning Finisher that costs around 500-1000 adrenaline. I know, that is a lot, but you'll be in there long enough to build that adrenaline and take your opponent out. Do not make a 20 damage move. High bleed bonus on Direct Damage Finishers, as well as high damage will really wear your opponent down, and high pinning bonus and damage for a Pin Finisher will help you keep them down when it comes time to end the match.

Obviously, strength wrestlers want a high powered Direct Damage Finisher. A strong Direct Damage move that has a high adrenaline cost is best. You build adrenaline quickly as a strength wrestler, so you can afford the high cost. Your rage is your friend here. A second Direct Damage Finisher with a high bleed bonus is recommended to wear down your opponent. As Muzza says, "one to clean up shop, and one to mess it up again."

Finally, for a balanced wrestler, you have the most freedom, but again, it depends upon your build. If you are built towards tech, be sure to have that Submission Finisher. If you lean towards strength, a Direct Damage Finisher is key. Otherwise, you are pretty open. Either way, a balanced wrestler should have a Direct Damage Finisher. This way, as mentioned before, you can wear them down faster. It is still wise to have a Submission Finisher whether you are built for strength, speed, or anything else, because a good submission can end the match early.

Now comes the time to discuss adrenaline values. We've all been down this road. You make a new finisher, but you can't hit it. Muzza has developed a formula for figuring out the best finisher for you. Here goes. Adrenaline gain x 30 = allowed adrenaline. Why 30 you may ask. Well, in a short match you will likely hit around 20 moves and they will likely hit around 20 moves. With an adrenaline gain of 20 (for example), and hitting 20 moves, you would gain about 400 adrenaline points. Don't forget though, you gain half of your adrenaline gain when they hit you too, so 20 moves at 10 (half of a 20 point adrenaline gain) will get you another 200 adrenaline. Now you have 600 adrenaline points. This brings you into the range of Muzza's formula. For a resistance or high health balanced wrestler, Muzza recommends, you may want to increase the formula to read adrenaline gain x 40 = allowed adrenaline. This is because the high HP could allow the match to go longer, and you can build up more adrenaline.

On to Attack Bonuses. You can face someone and they hit one finisher the entire match and it ends up being a MORTAL finisher. Then you rematch them, and they attempt their finisher 12 times, only to fail to complete it. A low attack bonus is to blame. Low attack bonuses mean that you are unlikely to complete your finisher. It is true that Unstoppable Blow factors into hitting your move, but it is secondary to the Attack Bonus. Once the game has chosen that you will hit your move, then it factors Unstoppable Blow against your opponents Dodge, Block, and Initiative. An Attack Bonus of 5 or 10 is too low. The floor for attack bonus should be 20. 30 is preferable, but never below 20. If you have a bleed bonus though, you can get away with keeping it near 20.

Bleed Bonus. Bloody opponents lose stamina quicker. This is helpful for tech and speed wrestlers to pick up a quick win, but it also helps the other classes too. Who doesn't want their opponent's stamina to drain faster?

Submission moves offer the Submission Bonus. The Submission Bonus increases your chances of making your opponent tap. 15 to 20 Submission Bonus is recommended.

Pin Bonus. Similar in fashion to the Submission Bonus, fairly expensive, but great if you have a lot of it. The pin bonus only only increases your chances of pinning your opponent while they are in yellow or orange HP. It causes you to get the win without haveing to bring them down to red. It also increases the effectiveness of your finisher by allowing it to do more damage.

Required Positions. While you can keep adrenaline costs low by using positions like 'Both Wrestlers Running", you don't end up in those situations often. Pay the price and get a finisher that hits in a common position. Stunned and Groggy are probably the best positions to have finishers in, though if you can spare the Bent Down position if you can spare it. Remember, a finisher is no good if you can only hit it once every 50 matches. Use common positions.

Position suffered if missed. Never make your position suffered be Stunned. Sure it is cheap, but the 60 adrenaline points it costs you are well worth not risking an easy win for your opponent. While Muzza suggests nobody uses grounded as their finisher position, I used to have my "Say Uncle Sam" finisher as grounded, and it hit very often, and with great effect. I opted to change that when I was remaking my finishers as I wanted to get the most value for the adrenaline used. I shuffled my positions around and now my "Say Uncle Sam" is in the bent down position. Be mindful to make your position suffered one that nobody has a finisher in so you are likely to avoid being hit with their finisher if you miss yours.

Here are some examples from Muzza:

Direct Damage Finishers
I don't recommend finishers cost much over 1000 adrenaline, but you may think differently.

Now this is a consistent damage finisher. It will always hit around the same damage, actual adrenaline saved is a factor of damage, so although you know its going to be around this you don't know exactly how much.

Required Position Stunned/ Groggy
Suffered Position Grounded
Damage (for both) 40-80
Attack Bonus 20-30
Bleeding Bonus 0-20
Adrenaline Range 330-910

That one was particularly varied because I wish to give you the most choice. This one can probably be used by all classes, although I recomend the 700+ end of the scale to strength and high rage balanced wrestlers.

This next one is a bleeder. If you hit it they are likely going to bleed.

Required Position Stunned, Groggy, Bent down
Suffered Position Grounded
Min damage 40-60
Max damage 40-80
Attack Bonus 20-30
Bleed Bonus 25-30 (maybe 40 if you have around 40 min and max damage)
Adrenaline Range 580-1030

That one is more costly in adrenaline, because the likelihood to bleed is higher. It is guaranteed to hit violently, which means it has an optimal chance of causing bleeding. One recomendation, more damage - less bleed. Just to keep it at a good adrenaline cost, I added bent down because a few people with 3 finishers like to have a bleeder, but don't want it to take up the positions of stunned or groggy, but then again some people do.

Last Direct Finisher example i will show you, I like to call it the HAIL MARY! This type of finisher does awesome damage if you hit it at the higher end of the scale but you risk an absolutely pathetic attack if its down in the lower end.

Required Position Stunned, Groggy, Bent Down
Suffered Position Grounded
Min Damage 1-10
Max Damage 125 - 200
Attack Bonus 20-30
Bleed Bonus (I don't recomend bleed chance at all for this type of set up)
Adrenaline Range 429-890

It's a risk, but once you level up damage a few times it will be extremely powerful.

Submission Finishers
There isn't as much to submission finishers as there as to Direct Damage, although I have seen two kinds of Submission Finishers.

First is a high damage quick effect finisher, where the wrestler has put damage over attack bonus, and by making his submission stronger he's looking to make them tap out quicker.

Required Position Stunned, Groggy
Suffered Position Grounded
Min Damage 10-20
Max Damage 20-30
Attack Bonus 20-30
Submission Bonus 10
Adrenaline Range 450-890

I have found these finishers to have great success when used correctly, but if mis-used, they can be absolute flops, so don't try and do this type of submission finisher until they are in orange, yellow if your lucky.

The other Submission Finisher I've seen is the out last strategy, not an overly strong finisher, but it will keep the pressure on for all 3 turns and build pressure to get the tap.

Required Position Stunned, Groggy
Suffered Position Grounded
Min Damage 5-15
Max Damage 10-20
Attack Bonus 20-30
Submission Bonus 25-30
Adrenaline Range 450-860

These are more reliable for submitting them, but if they survive, their health wouldn't be affected too much.

Now for pins there are 3 types of pins, power pins, secure pins and balance pins.

Power Pins do a lot of damage, and use the inflicted damage to try and pick up the win.

Required Position Stunned, Groggy
Suffered Position Grounded
Min Damage 40-60
Max Damage 40-80
Attack Bonus 20-30
Pin Bonus 20-25
Adrenaline Range 530-930

This is a good Pin if you have High Rage, if not stick to the other pin types

Required Position Stunned, Groggy
Suffered Position Grounded
Min Damage 10-20
Max Damage 20-30
Attack Bonus 20-30
Pin Bonus 30-40
Adrenaline Range 450-770

These pins are solid and if you have a high pin bonus you can get an easy quick three count.

Finally a balanced Pin. Good damage, good pin bonus, nothing flashy, just a solid pin finisher.

Required Position Stunned, Groggy
Suffered Position Grounded
Min Damage 20-40
Max Damage 30-50
Attack Bonus 20-30
Pin Bonus 25-35
Adrenaline Range 470-860

As I said nothing fancy but if used correctly can be a solid finisher.

Now here are some basic rules of finisher making.

- Never make a value (except Bleed Bonus) zero, this can cost you dearly later.
- Don't make a finisher, realize it's to strong and re-create it, just keep on training rage until you can execute it. Unless you make one in the mid 1000 adrenaline cost.
- Try to keep finishers below 1000 adrenaline cost, unless it is your only finisher, otherwise the others will level up while its left behind.
- Just because you don't get the chance to hit your finisher often, don't blame the build, wait and watch the moves develop.

Thanks to Muzza for his examples. cheers
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Finisher Guide Empty Re: Finisher Guide

Post  Matt Skiba GM on Tue Jan 06, 2009 12:59 am

thanks for that BB.

If people are stuggleing with finishers or anthing for that matter do not wait to ask me or Mad Man Mowgle.

Also if anyone else knows a lot about the techical side of the game let your voice be heard if you don't mind being asked by people who don't know.
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Finisher Guide Empty Re: Finisher Guide

Post  javibass on Tue Jan 06, 2009 4:23 am

thanks B.B great post


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Finisher Guide Empty Re: Finisher Guide

Post  S-Set on Wed Jan 07, 2009 12:46 am

very helpful thanks BB

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Finisher Guide Empty Re: Finisher Guide

Post  John "The Champ&amp on Sat Feb 21, 2009 4:01 am

Must everything be so long. My brain is twitching and now Smackdown is on. Peace. PS: OW! PSS: nice, either way.
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Finisher Guide Empty Re: Finisher Guide

Post  pseudolus on Sat Feb 21, 2009 5:18 pm

Great guide. Thanks

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