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Tag Team Tourney

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Tag Team Tourney Empty Tag Team Tourney

Post  Matt Skiba GM on Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:24 pm

Fire Phantoms - Heel
Vengence Of God - Heel
Hypno & John "The Champ" Sullivan - Heel
Javibass & Overlord - Heel

Everyone is as bad as each other! They all want a title shot for the Tag Team Championships.

Vengence of God Want it as a team, Hypno & John Sullivan are fresh after the gold trail Hypno wants to quickly gain some and John wants to taste for the first time. Fire Phantoms have been announced GM Matt Skiba and VGM Mad Man Mowgle will they gel as a team? Javibass and Overlord are both mad at Matt Skiba, Javibass because of what he did to him last PPV and Overlord for continutusly putting him against Suicide JMM.

Any RP's for your team will be welcomed

1st round
Hypno & John "The Champ" Sullivan
Vengence Of God

Fire Phantoms
Javibass & Overlord

Final for the Numberone Contendership of the AW Tag Team Championship
Winner of round 1 (a)
Winner of round 1 (b)
Matt Skiba GM
Matt Skiba GM

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Tag Team Tourney Empty Re: Tag Team Tourney

Post  Matt Skiba GM on Mon Feb 23, 2009 8:13 pm

This is the first and second RP the announcement of the tournament and teams competing and the draw of the team. Fell free to add you touch to it. They will be put on the sunday show this week.

The Arena gos pitch black all you can hear is the sudden gasps of a thousand people. Suddenly flames rise to the ceiling from the Tron, Ramp and the four corners of the ring, Phantom of the Opera plays loudly out of the speaker sytem.

Gordon Freeman: "What the bloody Hell is going on?!"

Malcolm Thunder: "That is VGM Mad Man Mowgle's Music but not this spooky, ya know?"

Gorodn Freeman: "I do know, but VGM has been missing ever since the last show of last season! Every one has been looking for him and the GM."

The music of 'Phantom of the opera' continues to play but the lyrics of 'I Found a Way' by Alkaline Trio kick in.

Malcolm Thunder: "THAT IS THE GM'S MUSIC!"

Gordon Freeman: "What is doing on?!"

All of a sudden the Flames reach a maximum and a blast comes from the entrance ramp and there stands Matt Skiba and Mad Man Mowgle wearing simular wrestling attire. A Flaming font rises on the Tron to spell out FIRE PHANTOMS.


Malcolm Thunder: "Nitro was right! Mad Man Mowgle was changing."

They both walk down the ramp to the ring to the lack of sound because the crowd is stunned silent. They both grab a Mic and climb into the ring, the music dies down.

Mad Man Mowgle: "Welcome you weak and pathetic humans. Welcome to the dawn of a new age."

Matt Skiba: "The Phantom era."

The crowd don't know whether to cheer, boo or cry.

Matt Skiba: "As a General Manager I have been pasive, I could have given my self a shot at ANY title and pulled strings to win it. But I wasn't like that, back then I was weak and on the wrong track. Mad Man Mowgle took me aside, and directed me down the right path. I found a way!"

Gordon Freeman: "This doesn't look good!"

Mad Man Mowgle: "And now with the arrival of Cris Mastine our new VGM Phantoms will dominate the AW. But for now he has an old score to settle."

Matt Skiba: "We will take the AW Tag Team Titles from our once trusted and appointed AW Crusaders!"

The AW Crusaders enter arena on the ramp and the crowd cheers. They walk down to the ring but are careful not to get in.

S-set: "Yeah I don't think so you will have to WIN them you can't TAKE them."

Matt Skiba: "Can't I? Im the General Manager!"

Neknas: "No you can't. It says so on this contract *Neknas produces his conteract* Which you have signed as well."

Mad Man Mowgle: "Fine, get in the ring now and we will take them by force."

The AW Crusaders look at each other uneasily as the Fire Phantomsgive evil demonic laughs.

Fanaxestt: "Hold it right there Phantoms!"

The crowd cheer Vengence Of God


Fanaxestt: "Now me and NoLimit001 are back together WE will take the titles."

Hypno: "I don't think so."

Hypno appears on the top turnbuckle.

Hypno: "As it happens I have aquired a Tag partner and if anyone will take that gold it will be us."

John "The Champ" Sullivan barges past Vengence of God and joins Hypno.

John "The Champ" Sullivan: "HAHAHAHA! Thats right!"

Javibass: "SKIBA!"

Javibass and Overlord run from the crowd and jump the barrier.

Overlord: "We have a score to settle with you."

Matt Skiba: "Well what a ravle we have here."

Mad Man Mowgle: "Quite so... We will take them all on, Pathetic weak humans!"

Mr. Moneybags: "STOP!"

All four of the board of directors walk to the ramp

Gordon Freeman: "14 is a crowd!"

Malcolm Thunder: " Shutit!"

Matt Damon: "MATT DAMON!"

Prof. Plum gets out his lead piping

Don King: "Not now Plum."

Prof. Plum puts it away

Prof. Plum: "Its Professor Plum to you KING!"

Mr. Moneybags: "First you disappear with your VGM and we have to organise the first week of the show and now we have this mess. AW Crusaders you will NOT defend your title tonight. The rest of you... You will fight in a knock out Tournament for the #1 contender slot for the AW Tag Team Championships. We will draw who will face who tonight!"

Everybody reluctantly leaves the arena leaving the Fire Phantoms in the ring. All of a sudden the lights go dark and flames ignite from the ring posts and the lights come on, the Fire Phantoms are gone.

Malcolm Thunder: "Let me get this right, Four teams want the gold and there will be a knock out tournament for it."

Gordon Freeman: "Right, easy when you think about it"
Matt Skiba GM
Matt Skiba GM

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Tag Team Tourney Empty Re: Tag Team Tourney

Post  Hypno on Tue Feb 24, 2009 1:53 am

very nice john when i see this send me a msg of where i wanna go with this


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Tag Team Tourney Empty Re: Tag Team Tourney

Post  javibass on Tue Feb 24, 2009 8:49 pm

that's sounds great. i feel like we are going to enjoy with it


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Tag Team Tourney Empty Re: Tag Team Tourney

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