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Heavy Champ fued Nitro vs Dragonsam

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Heavy Champ fued Nitro vs Dragonsam Empty Heavy Champ fued Nitro vs Dragonsam

Post  Matt Skiba GM on Sat Feb 21, 2009 12:24 am

Nitro - Heel
Dragonsam - Face

Dragonsam is more trusting of Nitro because he tried to alret him to Mad Man Mowgle turning evil again. However, the shaman of sexy, following his hardcore Table match, has a more hardcore scene for the Heavy Weight Championship. Who will win this battle.

Nitro i know we can get some mega awesome RP's out of you. I will contact dragonsam about contributions. lets see what we can do?
Matt Skiba GM
Matt Skiba GM

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Heavy Champ fued Nitro vs Dragonsam Empty Re: Heavy Champ fued Nitro vs Dragonsam

Post  Nitro on Mon Feb 23, 2009 1:04 pm

i'll try to work out something later, when i have a bit more time on my hands Wink as always.

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Heavy Champ fued Nitro vs Dragonsam Empty Re: Heavy Champ fued Nitro vs Dragonsam

Post  massivespuds on Tue Feb 24, 2009 2:22 pm

How about this... (I'm afraid I don't really have time to format it in colours or anything, and I still don't know much about the other wrestlers, but I'll have a go at coming up with something!)

Dragonsam sees Nitro walking down the corridor backstage and catches up with him.
Dragonsam: Hey Nitro, thanks for warning me about Mad Man Mowgle! It's good to know there's someone here on my side, ya know?
Nitro: Well that's real sweet and all, but I've got a shot at the heavyweight title now: I ain't on your side no more. Matter of fact, I reckon it's probably better for me to really try and hate you.
Dragonsam: What?! This is ridiculous man! Wrestling shouldn't be about hate and violence, it should be about competitive tests of strength and showmanship, and all the good sportsmanship that goes with that! It's attitudes like that that give wrestling a bad name!
Nitro: Christ man, I haven't heard someone with a belief like that since I started wrestling. Alright kid, competitive sportsmanship it is! Don't let anybody say the Shaman of Sexy is a bad sport!
They start walking together towards the ring. Houleigan and Rey can be seen arguing about something in the distance...
Dragonsam: So where does that nickname come from anyway? Shaman of Sexy?
Nitro: Hahaha, well, when I was nineteen I went out to a club one night with some really hot girls I'd just met at a bar, and I was only wearing my leather tho...
They reach the other wrestlers and are interrupted by their argument.
Rey: ...I can't believe I'm even hearing this! There is NO WAY you can say Metallica are better than Guns 'N' Roses!
Houleigan: Oh COME ON! Chinese Democracy?! I mean how long did it take for them to write that rubbish?!
Rey: Chinese Democracy was awesome! And their old stuff was even better! Face it man, November Rain is better than all Metallica's songs put together!
Houleigan: You are talking out of your a...
They are on the verge of coming to blows. Dragonsam and Nitro look at each other.
Nitro: Come on, lets see if we can't spread your message of backstage peace.
Dragonsam: Exactly! I mean come on, everyone knows Guns 'N' Roses are better than Metallica, it's not even worth arguing about!
Nitro: WHAT?! How can you say that?! Man I knew I was right to hate your guts! I'll see you in the ring you miserable peace of...
Nitro storms off muttering angrily to himself, leaving Dragonsam looking confused and annoyed. Behind him, Rey rugby tackles Houleigan into one of the side rooms...


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Heavy Champ fued Nitro vs Dragonsam Empty Re: Heavy Champ fued Nitro vs Dragonsam

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